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Underwater Services

Ocean King Marine Services conducts underwater surveys of vessels using skilled commercial divers throughout our partners network. Our inspections cover UWILD, hull condition assessments, propeller and rudder inspections. Our hull cleanings, propeller polishings and underwater plugging operations ensure reliability and efficiency of your fleet. All works are accompanied by a Risk Assessment, Method Statement and a Diving Project Plan.

We offer:

  • Assurance & Technical Audits

  • In water surveys/ inspections

  • Underwater repairs/ maintenance

  • Hull cleanings

  • Propeller polishings

  • Sea-Chest Cleanings

  • Blanking of Overboard Sea Valves

  • Thruster Removals and Installations

  • Transducer Removals and Installations

  • Underwater Repairs

Our company using the following equipment is in position to execute commercial diving services in Cyprus and Greece with short notice:

  • Diving support vessel

  • Air surface-supplied diving equipment

  • Hydraulic & Air driven tools

  • Underwater HD video and photography equipment

  • CCTV systems (Underwater cameras with wired transmission to a surface monitor and digital recording device)

  • ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles) 

  • Hydraulic Power packs

  • Hydraulic cleaning systems

  • Cutting and welding equipment

  • High and low-pressure air compressors

  • Lift bags (open and closed type)

  • Side Scan Sonar Towed camera system for inspections up to 100 meters

  • Water and trush pumps

  • Underwater high pressure water jetting systems

  • Generators

  • Lighting systems

  • Basic oil spill response equipment (Absorbent barriers, absorbent towels, absorbent rolls, third-generation chemical dispersant)

Our company has an agreement with the Cyprus National Hyberbaric Center for providing emergency assistance to our diving team.

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