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Port Facilities Inspection Services

Our inspections cover a spectrum of critical elements, including infrastructure integrity, equipment functionality, emergency preparedness, and compliance with international maritime regulations. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, we aim to provide you with actionable insights that enhance the resilience and reliability of your port operations.

Our array of services adheres to the latest marine industry standards, addressing key areas essential for optimal port management:

  1. Consulting Services as per international standards.

  2. Bollard Pull Testing & Condition Surveys: Assessments to evaluate the condition and performance of bollards, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance.

  3. Bollards Scanning: Through our partners we can conduct thorough scans, enhancing the accuracy of bollard assessments.

  4. Bollards Size Identification: Precise determination of bollard dimensions, a critical aspect in ensuring compatibility and efficiency.

  5. Supply of bollards and mooring components

  6. Quay Integrity Inspections: Comprehensive inspections focusing on the integrity of quay structures, identifying potential vulnerabilities and ensuring structural soundness.

  7. Cathodic Protection Design (EN 13174): In-depth design services encompassing calculations, anode drawings, datasheets, and anode location drawings to optimize cathodic protection systems.

  8. Execute studies and supply of corrosion prevention and chemical resistant coatings and linings as well as waterproofing systems for the utilities, civil engineering and construction industries.

  9. Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements & MPI surveys to marine structures.

  10. Port Lanterns Supplies, Inspections, Calculations (IALA Guidelines): Supply and inspection services for port lanterns, incorporating calculations in accordance with IALA Guidelines to enhance navigational safety.

  11. Supply of ATEX Radios & specialized PPE.

  12. Offer Planned Maintenance services for controlling the rigging, crane and rest inspection certificates of a port facility.


Should you have any projects, it would be our pleasure to cooperate/assist you.

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