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Marine Inspections Consultancy & Ship Technical Studies

We offer marine consultancy and technical studies to support your maritime endeavors. Our team of highly skilled professionals provides valuable insights and guidance on a wide range of marine-related topics.

Our services are covering inspections as per SOLAS, ISM Code, ISPS Code and MLC requirements.

Whether you require assistance with regulatory compliance, risk assessments, or operational optimization we are here to help you navigate the challenges and make informed decisions.

Our maritime consultants can perform a Port State Control Verification Audit aboard ships to help minimize the risk that a Port State Control (PSC) inspection could result in any deficiencies or even detentions. Our specialists will support you in the preparation for a PSC inspection, follow up on any corrective or preventive actions, and compose a report with recommended improvement and lessons learned.

We can also attend onboard your detained vessel to:

  • Assist with training.

  • Effectively manage deficiency rectification.

  • Liaise with Port State officials.

We review the SMS procedure and organizational culture of the Company, list out the gap, redesign and develop the current SMS for the additional procedures to make the SMS more effective to fulfil the gap. Our team has personally attended many Oil Major vetting and were also involved in preparing the organizations for the Tanker Management Self-Assessment (TMSA). Our company assists in performing a TMSA as well Gap analysis to find areas for improvements that helps Shipping Companies to achieve higher stages in the TMSA.

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